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TV vs the Mushroom
Posted by burntout on August 11, 1998 at 16:39:02:

In todays "Open" minded society
can it be said that with the
evolution of media (tv/news/internet)
that humans in general are being
exposed to just about anything
a producer, reporter, etc can come
up with, convey across. What different
is that then experiencing a mind altering

Throughout history most people, the
masses have had things told to them,
pushed on them etc. For one thing it is
through fear that we want to believe in
things like God, what our government tells
us. But take away this media/tv/etc. And
leave the modern "man" alone with his
thoughts, and then we would have major problems
on our hands. Thus this would be no different
then experiencing life through a mind altering
facet as many can attest to. It basically comes
back to mans touch with nature, be it eating
mushrooms or be it alone on a desert island.
You strip someone of all their security and
isolate them, what will that person have left.
Without a job to go to, a tv to watch, someone
to tell them what to do, insanity for one might
occur, or a crutch developed to deal with the
fear of life, eg religion. Thus nowadays we see
such a decline in religion due to the fact that
so many people are willing to let themselves
be pushed through life by media,government,etc.
And never really stopping to look around. Maybe
if more people had more mind altering experiences
our society could become stronger as a whole. And
not on the verge of hysteria/anarchy/extinction
as we now teeter so closely to.

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