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Re: TV AND Mushrooms
Posted by Robert C. Cohen on November 11, 1998 at 09:54:12:

In Reply to: TV vs the Mushroom posted by burntout on August 11, 1998 at 16:39:02:

Very interesting subject in the context of the
Game. I am surprised and delighted to see you
equate nature and isolation with a need for a
crutch.I don't really agree but I'm impressed.

Mushrooms traditionally are associated with
a purely spiritual experience. Speaking as
someone who spent 6 weeks in isolation in the
Arizona desert (with no media or drugs), I found
myself feeling more
insanity upon my return than during my period
of increased sensativity to interconnectedness
while living in the "real" / non man made world.

Mushrooms can be taken in a completely non
spiritual context and TV can make people feel
the unquestioning love and elation of God (with
human interpretation thrown in on top).

Basically TV or mushrooms can be used to change
perceptions .... much in the same way that a
shift in perception can change reality in the
art of magic. Perception is a key part of the
structure of reality. Let's use the keys for
shifting perception wisely because our reality
is ...... (the modern axium) .....in CRISIS.

love love love Robert : )

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