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The loss of the seemingly timeless concept of "hero"
Posted by Jason Brice on November 02, 1998 at 19:30:14:

Dear Players,

First of all, thank you for reading.

Second, what follows is in the most polite terms can only be considered a rant. It is, however, very sincere and heart-felt. Please don’t dismiss what I have to say.

It seems to me that in our modern age we are losing the concept of "hero". What was once an integral part of so many western cultures, the hero, has disappeared into a wilderness of cynicism and disillusionment.

Media invasion into the lives of the people that would normally become part of the cultural consciousness as heroes (once upon a time people like politicians, royalty, film stars, musicians, writers) has robbed of us of a vital sense of orientation in a difficult world. Our heroes gave us an investment into the cultural identity of our nation(s). Heroes made day to day struggles more bearable. A beacon to the “right” way of living our lives, depending on your chosen role model.

Where is this archetype now? Replaced in film, television and other mass media by merciless killers promoted as “heroes for the 90s”, in public life by sullied icons of idealism gone wrong, and by corrupt religious leaders allowed to continue their predatory feeding on a helpless flock. Filmmakers and media mavens consider the idea of a hero as out-dated or only worthy of children.

But there are few people who persist in believing in the inherent nobility of the human race. These are people who decide rather than to coyly present the achievements of individuals as an end-of-the-news human interest story, make a real effort to let us know how some of us are willing to make true selfless sacrifices. Have a look at:
http://www.wfcomics.com/tony/backissues/b103098.vs to see what one such individual, a fellow idealist by the name of Tony Isabella has to say on the topic of heroes. Perhaps you can take a moment of solace in the idea that heroes still exist?

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