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Re: The loss of the seemingly timeless concept of "hero"
Posted by Robert C. Cohen on November 08, 1998 at 01:48:24:

In Reply to: The loss of the seemingly timeless concept of "hero" posted by Jason Brice on November 02, 1998 at 19:30:14:


This is interesting to me. I used to listen to a song
by the Stranglers called "No More Heroes" and
contemplate the loss of heros.The lyric went "What
ever happened to, all of the heroes?"

I think a lot about the deaths of Martin Luther
King, John Lennon, Robert Kennedy,
John Kennedy.

I think about how GB is
the perfect symbolic person to blame for their
deaths. "Here's a little something we learned in
CIA" -- GB's character on the Simpson's.

He was probably behind the Reagan attempt
as well, at least symbolically.
Anyway, I digress...

I think about the deaths of Jesus and Ghandi and
I wonder about our loss of heros.

Funny, I have always been amazed by the
long standing tradition of the smiling Jesus,
like he knew it didn't matter that he was being
killed. The beauty went totally beyond that
limited perspective.

Hmmm. I read the web page you mentioned about ordinary
people doing amazingly helpful things with no
thought of personal risk. Those people are great.
Signs of a human instinct that is good and
which should be cultivated.

I tend to think of heroes as people who
are on a journey. Possibly the most difficult
journey of all. The path toward enlightenment and
that necessary scarry descent on every heroes
journey. That path can be in many different
forms. That path can take many forms.
Enlightenment isn't a thing. The path always
seems to balance improving the self and
the world because it recognizes the interconnectedness
of all things, and all TIMES.


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