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Re: sub text Possibilities?
Posted by Robert C. Cohen on December 18, 1998 at 15:45:03:

In Reply to: sub text in literature posted by Mike Paine on December 17, 1998 at 04:24:32:

Maybe the sub text is in the act of interpretation.
The interpretation of the audience, reader, or
even the artist of his or her own creation or action.

The original "text" may have intention for
interpretation, (possibly a sub text) but even
the original artist must re - in - terpret his
or her own creations and actions at every

Many sacred stories are considered to be vessels
containing much more powerful revelations.
Perhaps the sub text of anything is in the
experience of it. The interaction or "observer
effect" of consciousness intermingling with it.

Perhaps the more skillfully the original "text"
direct or re- direct another consciousness to
a similar experience the more effective the
communication or sub text.

If this is even a partially useful model then I
wonder in relationship to the core wave of
Game two; is this the way it has always been or
is this
something that changes over time?

Just some thoughts. Interested in other thoughts.
best Robert

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