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Free Will, destiny, passive/active...
Posted by Scott on November 21, 1999 at 15:14:40:

Once again, I am here, posing another question. I spend a great deal of time thinking, reflecting, and searching. I look
for answers to questions, and the questions themselves I sometimes wonder about. To take a step back, and try to gain perspective
with my life, I must be open, and I must put forth effort I presume. I wonder wether one can find his own cosmic consciousness
without any effort. So, that leads me to a certain confusion. I am only 21, so please bare with me, and ignore my lack of
direction with this post. I always ask myself, wether I am a product of in-escapable cause and effect, where each successive
event affect all thereafter. Or if I am in fact writing the story as it goes along, with every opportunity to manifest all
that is within me, in my soul, as a part of my cosmic potential. I read books, I here one person say this, I hear another say
that, its all very pleasing to the eyes and the mind. For it seems that many have a way with words, but what is the reality,
for me, for you, for us all? I think that is why Hesse seems to hold so much for me, because what i take from his words, is
that the only asnwers there are, are within me...
So I am left here, wondering still, do I float as a leaf would down the stream, letting the water guide me? Or do I act with
an urgancy, making each second into all it could be, taking ambition, and manifesting all from my own potential?

signed, Scott (just some random boy seeking out his own mystical nature)

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