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How to Play

The web of the Game grows well beyond the Submission Page. Players will respond to your submissions with feedback and follow-ups. The Submissions Page is a weaving discussion connecting the PEOPLE at play. It is also called the Outer Game. It is the point of conception for an Inner Game.

All moves from the Outer Game that relate reasonably well to the core wave are moved into this Inner Game.

The current game has a kind of editor-in-chief called the Game Master. His name is Robert Carrillo Cohen. He is the person who selects the core wave and is responsible for the final decisions on moving submissions to the Inner Game. Each submission moved to the Inner Game becomes a beautiful full page that can have pictures, text, sounds, video clips, links, etc. These pages are interchangably called "move" or "bead" pages.

As the name suggests, Inner Game space should encourage contemplation and meditation on the web we are creating and exploring together.