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Pisces At The Beach The Ether That Binds
Time is space in motion? We live in / on a planet where the moon moves the oceans and the (menstral) cycles of at least half the human population. We live in an ocean of celestial influences. A ship passes us on a river and the waves eventually hit our boat. What were the triggers that led me to know astrology included astronomy, when I used to be so tied to the modern scientific denial. Gravity is an alchemical term for "attraction at a distance" that has never been explained by science. Why do we look away from influences? Is it because they are harder to really see? Now we must? We live in an ocean of influences. Whether they be "attack ships on fire off the coast of Orion"; a passing comet, the beating waves of the ocean as we swim, a glass of water, or the beating of our hearts and the passing of microscopic streams.
--Robert C. Cohen

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