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Re: Feutility
Posted by Robert C. Cohen on May 28, 1998 at 10:33:34:

In Reply to: Feutility posted by Ian Fowler on May 27, 1998 at 16:36:13:


Actually, I believe you have interpreted the book
quite well. There are many people out there who
are trying to create literal interpretations of
the Glass Bead Game and to various degrees they
are all having serious problems.

My intention in setting out to
create CoreWave was to follow
the position of Hesse and the Magister Ludi
and their warnings against an overly abstracted

A couple of the key design decisions amongst
the thousands in this direction where to
remove the Castilian restrictions on personal
creations and our addeded emphasis on
descriptions of
subjective experience.

If you dig deeper into the site on some of the
various deeper instruction pages, the guided tour,
and the welcome
pages, you will find additional descriptions
of our attempt to create a Game inspired by
Hesse and the warnings of the Magister Ludi and
not by the decayed Castilian society of the book.

Our Game is constantly evolving and the omega
point or strange attractor that we have set as
our goal is to remain flexible as we move
towards a Game that can increase personalization
and personal relevance in our
human connection. In this we we hope we are
placing the Game back
in the center of the Game of Life, which the book
also suggests was where the Game started before
it became static, and was where the Magister was
trying to return the Game.

The catalog page attempts
to direct players to the original whole, when
a move is a review or condensation. There are
also moves which
include entire poems, pictures, etc. with no
Nevertheless, I must give your thoughts about
thought. It is something I have been
about. A future Game we are planning may
have only images as submissons and the only
text would be personal descriptions of the
connections seen by the players.

Thanks for your reminder and thoughts. Let me know
what you think of CoreWave after considering
these ideas.

Best Robert C. Cohen

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