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The concept behind this web site was introduced to me by my long-time friend and fellow desert rat Robert Cohen in August of 1996. He had produced a working model of the site and was soliciting feedback. In spite of my initial difficulty in accessing many of the main ideas, I was inspired and excited, partly because of what my subconscious knew was there, and partly because I was dying for an excuse to get back into computer graphic/publishing type work. (I was involved in the inception of the computer art program at Glassboro State College in New Jersey and published the infamous Scrap Magnet Magazine.)

I've been involved in the subsequent translating and deciphering of Robert's original version, graphics and iconography work, and the creation of concepts and content for what I think is a visionary, thought-provoking, and fun web site. Working with the CoreWave team has followed an amazing string of synchronicity. It's been a very natural and beautiful process, and I hope that what we have produced will be the same for you.

Game I was a smashing success. The Game concept is being refined and our explanation of it to newcomers is beginning to make sense. I have taken on the honor and responsibility of Game Master for Game II. I see myself as more of a facilitator or traffic cop than any kind of a "master." In any case, I am here to serve you and the Game. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns, or ideas.

Personal Bio

My being belongs to the desert. I wasn't born here; my ancestors are not from here; I have no explanation for my attachment. But I keep looking. It may have something to do with the perspective I get, because I can see mountains in Mexico sixty miles away. It may be related to the searing summer heat that chases away the faint-hearted and melts the rest of us together with the shared love of a blow-dryer wind and a fierce thunderstorm. It may be that the sky is blue, like I remember it as a child. I have friends that would die for me and vice versa. I have a beautiful, sincere wife and an adorable little girl. My dogs and my cat are pretty cool too.

Now I'd like to advertise my web designing services. Much of the Game I graphic work including the Fish was done by myself. The entire Game II concept, graphics, colors, layout, and programming was done by myself.

I have started a website design company called Striking Website Design. Please check out my site for more information and links to other sites that I have developed.

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