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Main Map

The following is a preliminary visual map, and a complete list of all Inner Game pages. We are working toward getting a final map up ASAP. Please come back and check it out.

  • Move 1: Alien Dreamtime

  • Move 2: The Meru Project

  • Move 3: The Hopi Survival Kit

  • Move 4: Ripple / Reverse Time

  • Move 5: The Big Bang Never Happened

  • Move 6: The Greatest Illusion - Time

  • Move 7: The Infinite Game

  • Move 8: Death is a Silence

  • Move 9: The Internet

  • Move 10: The Infinite Path

  • Move 11: Mind Altering Substances: The Use of Drugs

  • Move 12: The Primary Distinction: CoreWave Game One

  • Move 13: Science vs. Mysticism / Kipper's Game

  • Move 14: The Bridge

  • Move 15: Indyana Jones and the Temple of Scientalogy

  • THE INNER GAME: This page contains a list of all the moves that have been moved into the Inner Game. The completed Main Map will also allow us to visually explore the full Inner Game. You will be able to navigate the site by clicking on the image to link to a specific Move or Connection Tunnel Page.

    The Main Map for Game I turned out to be the image of a fish. (The map for Game II seems to want to be a fish too, but we'll see.) The bulbous areas are actually bead-like graphics that represent each move in Game I. The connecting lines are the Connection Tunnels. To see Game I go here. To see a large scale version of the fish map, go here.

    Imagine navigating the Game in multiple dimensions and moving through the connection tunnels. Imagine the implications for education and communications. Imagine a totally new art form. Imagine the possibilities and the connections and play the Game of the future, the past, and the PRESENT.

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