CoreWave Catalog

The CoreWave Catalog is intended to provide players with information on directly accessing Game content.

Game moves are sometimes fragments or descriptions of wholes. Playing with wholes and parts of wholes is essential to the Game, hence outside links are meant to help further the connection to wholes and the one big whole.

Selected items from the Game will eventually be made available for purchase from us. We hope that a peripheral catalog will be useful to you as a means of accessing products and services and to help us continue providing for you, and expanding upon, this unique, entertaining, and thought provoking internet experience.

If the ideas here resonate with you, please vote for our growth and patronize our catalog. Only a few items are currently available for direct purchase from CoreWave. Check out our CoreWear to score cool t-shirts and caps with the CoreWave Symbol.

Game Content: Accessing the Whole

There is currently no content in the Game II catalog. To see the Game I catalog, go here.

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