Core Wave Definition

A "Core Wave" is a central theme or pattern.

  • All parts of human experience contain themes or patterns which it shares with other parts of human experience.
  • A Bead Game (like much of life) is about making connections -- discovering these shared themes, patterns, or core waves.
  • All content within A Bead Game must relate to that Game's Core Wave.

The Core Wave for Game II is

Ancient Ideas in Modern Times
Time Transcendent Ideas

Core Wave Game II: Deeper

What we wish to explore with this Game are those artifacts of human experience that have the qualities of endurance and/or recurrence over long periods of time. Things that last, things that have high quality, things that are very often archetypal.

Core Wave Game II Symbol

This design and its variants have been used around the world as a Sun Symbol. It symbolizes two aspects of Game II. One is the enduring and recurring qualities of the sun. It's pretty old, and it comes back every day. The second is the universal nature of the symbol itself.

This ideogram has been found on seals from Mohenjo-Daro from around 3000 B.C. It was the Gauls most used beneficial amulet. The Celts also used it as the attribute of Taranis. In Japan, it is considered to be a sign with positive connotations. It is used in modern Western culture to symbolize a major focus of worship... pizza.

Christian symbolism adopted the form, changing it slightly so that it became a Christ monogram drawn within a circle.

The circle divided into six parts, with another circle at its center is the Tibetan world symbol. The outer rim is further divided into 12 parts in the same way as the Western Zodiac circle.

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