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Welcome to the Bead Game II Submission Page. This page works like a threaded discussion board. Here you can contribute your ideas for Game content or connections. These submissions are the "moves" in our Game. Have fun and remember that all content must resonate with the core wave of Game II.

  • The following moves (listed in order of submission) have been selected for priority transfer to the Inner Game:

    Alien Dream Time (2/13-16); Ripple (2/14); Meru Foundation (3/26); Celibrate Life (4/19); The Big Bang Never Happened (4/19); The Greatest Illusion / Time (4/19); The Infinite Game (4/19); Death is a Silence (5/01); The Internet (5/22); Infinite Path (6/09); Mind Altering Substances (7/16); Consider This (8/20); The Primary Distinction / Game One (10/08); Science vs. Mysticism (10/20)

  • Other moves will be added, however this late in the Game emphasis should be placed on submitting connections between the moves listed above. Game 2 ends at 12am, 1.17.99. January 17th is the annual Game festival. Party with the CoreWave team in Tucson or where ever you are, as we meditate on the completed Game, where we have been, and where the Infinite Game will take us next.

  • Before making a submission please read the Instructions

  • We encourage FULL SUBMISSIONS. Please give this a go. They are the meat of the Game.

  • You may post comments or suggestions about the Game here as well.

  • Some legal mumbo jumbo: CoreWave will share ownership of all submissions with the contributor. In other words we reserve the right to use submissions as we wish, and you maintain your right to use your original submission in any way you wish. We reserve the right to delete any post we feel is inappropriate.
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