January 17, 1998. Game I is complete.

The CoreWave team would like to extend a big THANK YOU for an extremely successful first game. You have helped us create an amazing and groundbreaking work of art. A symphony of ideas. Above is our visual representation of Game I which maps all the moves in the Inner Game and their connections. Each bead in the fish image represents a move in the Game and contains and image from that move. These beads are connected by neuron-like connection tunnels. The fish is an appropriate image for the contemplation of Game One as a whole. The fish marks the point in evolution where nervous systems are first protected on the inside by a skeleton on the outside. This image will also serve as navigation for Game I, and a larger version of this image resides on the Main Game Map page. Let the fish be your guide.

Watch here for a link to final thoughts from Robert C. Cohen, the Game Master for Game One.
And stay tuned for Game II, with new GM Erik Lundquist, starting soon!


Let The Festivus Begin!

Ripples & Waves by Susan

When first I traveled into the glass bead game
there were a few bright shiny beads
that caught my eye/stirred my imagination.
I was a child holding and turning small jewels
peering through the glass walls into rooms and landscapes and worlds.
After several moons I came back to explore again
expecting a few more beads to discover and hold.
To my surprise I came upon a lake and looked closer
and found it was of water and wind
and beads of every color and size and sound,
rippling - waving - a breathing growing lifeform.
I can no longer count the beads or string them
or hold one without being almost overwhelmed by the others.
So I sat down by the lake and closed my eyes
and the wind touched me with cool and warm breaths,
and the sounds of the lake played many musics within my ears,
and the scents were ocean/mountain/desert/sweat & flower.
I opened my eyes and just sat looking at the ebb & flow,
and once again was at peace with the creation and the creators.
If I come again who knows what time and movement will have birthed.
Perhaps I will find one shiny bead on the beach and begin again.

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