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From the Game Master-- "CoreWave is a new model media company, committed to helping you find new and exciting ways to explore your world. Our intention is to share with you only the best from our experience. We invite you to play our Glass Bead Game" -- Robert Carrillo Cohen
How To Play
Glass Bead Games are a means by which anyone can play with and find connections between all the artifacts of human experience! A Game is unified by a central theme we call the core wave.

For an introduction and overview of the Game, take the Guided Tour. Detailed instructions on how to play are linked at the top of the submissions page.

What's New
The latest developments in Game I.
(Game One is launched! January 23, 1997 - January 17, 1998)

Who is CoreWave?
People at the heart of CoreWave.

The many influences on our Glass Bead Games.

CoreWave Administration
CoreWave plans and projects.

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