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The CoreWave Catalog is intended to provide players with information on directly accessing Game content.

Game moves are sometimes fragments or descriptions of wholes. Playing with wholes and parts of wholes is essential to the Game, hence outside links are meant to help further the connection to wholes and the one big whole.

Selected items from the Game will eventually be made available for purchase from us. As a new model business, CoreWave is committed to finding ways to make the Game play an important and empowering role in the real world. We hope that a peripheral catalog can be useful to the public as a means to access products, services and "patron"-ize a Game. All decisions relating to catalog content are made after Game play and are completely contingent upon Game play.

If the ideas here resonate with you, please vote for our growth and patronize our catalog. Only a few items are currently available for direct purchase from CoreWave. Check out CoreWear right now to score excellent gear with the CoreWave Symbol.

Game Content: Accessing the Whole

  • Move 1: The Glass Bead Game
    The Glass Bead Game by Herman Hesse is in print and published in the US by Henry Holt and Company, Inc. 115 West 18th Street, NY, NY. 10011. Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 78-80343. ISBN 0-8050-1246-X.

    Note: Only the original German and the English translation by Richard and Clara Winston are recommended.

    There are two excellent web sites that I have seen about the ongoing quest to create real-world versions of the Game described in the book. Charles Cameron's Hipbone Games is the most comprehensive analysis of the issues involved with creating Glass Bead Games and spiritual games in general. He also has a wonderfully playable partial Glass Bead Game called Hipbone. Gail Sullivan's The Glass Bead Game site has the best introductory description of the criterion involved in Glass Bead Game Design that I have seen. Both sites have good links to other sites about the Game and Herman Hesse. --rcc.

  • Move 2: The Eternal Body
    The Eternal Body [A Collection of Fifty Nudes] by Ruth Bernhard was published in 1986 by Chronicle Books 275 Fifth Street, San Francisco, CA. 94103. ISBN 0-8118-0801-7 (pbk).

    The book may be a collector's item for some. Some copies are available for purchase from E&S Creations for $30.00.

  • Move 3: Sacred Geometry Series
    The Sacred Geometry Series of paintings by Karen Prior are available for purchase as are other works by the artist. If you are interested in an original painting or having prints made please contact CoreWave. Karen's always moving around but if someone is seriously interested in buying a painting we'll track her down. Karen's paintings range in price from approximately $750 to $2500.

  • Move 4: Serpinski Seed Egg
    ... resides in its digital entirety within our Glass Bead Game. Tom Bates is a personal friend of the CoreWave Team and inquiries about his art can be sent care of CoreWave.

  • Move 5: The Cunning Man
    The Cunning Man by Robertson Davies is in print and published in the US by Penguin Books USA Inc., 375 Hudson Street, NY, NY. 10014. First published in Canada by McClelland & Stewart Inc., 1994. ISBN 0 14 02.4830 7 (pbk).

    A life chronology and links to information on Davies' books are available at University of Malaspina's Great Books Database.

  • Move 6: Adbusters
    Adbusters Magazine has its own great web site also known as the Adbusters Culture Jammer's Headquarters. It has all the information you need to fully access the Adbusters experience.

  • Move 7: Red Line Paintings
    CoreWave is authorized to act as an agent for the work of Bill Rabinovitch. Please support our work and contact us at CoreWave if you are interested in one of Bill's huge canvases or a print.

    Bill's article on "How Being a Jet Pilot Prepared Me for a Life in Art" is accessible at ArtNet Magazine and includes a number of scans of Bill's art. Urban Desires has an on-line gallery of Bill's paintings in what they call an Art Tunnel.

  • Move 8: NuSkin International
    NuSkin International has their own web site. Check out the benefits. You can call 1 800 666 6339 directly to get information about their health insurance benefits. If you decide to make a purchase or sign up as a distributor please do so under our distributor number: 860189. This could potentially provide a great deal of support for CoreWave. Thanks.

  • Move 9: The Millennium Whole Earth Catalog
    The Catalog is published by the Point Foundation and Harper San Francisco. Harper Collins Publishers 10 East 53rd Street, NY, NY. 10022

    The Catalog is rendered in a limited version on the web with selected pages. Howard Rheingold, the editor of the catalog, is the author of many books and articles about the internet, virtual reality and media. His personal web site is called Brainstorms.

  • Move 10: Blue in Green
    The song Blue in Green written by Miles Davis and Bill Evans is most commonly found on the album Kind of Blue published by Columbia Records.

    There is a massive web site with pictures, buy and trade info and more at Milestones. The Indiana University School of Music has a very comprehensive Miles Davis discography.

  • Move 11: Blade Runner, The Director's Cut
    The video of the Director's Cut is currently available in a widescreen edition from Warner Home Video. Most video shops should have a copy to rent, sell or they could order one for you. It is definitely a video worth owning. The Official Blade Runner On-Line Magazine has all kinds of rare info and pictures. 2019: Off World is an extensive Blade Runner page with plenty of related links. The Blade Runner FAQ has answers to all kinds of questions about the film. There is a newsgroup for Blade Runner at Syd Mead was the industrial designer for Blade Runner, Star Trek, Tron, and many other amazing projects. Check out his work at his own web site and a beautiful painting of Sebastian's Lab.

  • Move 12: Synthetic Pleasures
    Synthetic Pleasures was produced by Caipirinha Productions. Their web site has information on screenings of Synthetic Pleasures, home video, the soundtrack, future productions and even a line of Synthetic Pleasures fashions.

  • Move 13: Brazil
    There is an awesome site called Terry Gilliams Brazil F.A.Q. for Brazil with tons of pictures, descriptions of the missing scenes and information on how to get the laser disk and the soundtrack. The video is available at most video stores but look for the full length version feature on the laser disk.

  • Move 14: Within and Without
    Peter Cameron Rowlan has made a web site that begins with the text of his move on the Herman Hesse story Within and Without.

  • Move 15: Fly, Fly, My Sadness

  • Move 16: Big in Japan
    ... resides in its digital entirety within our Glass Bead Game. This is a CoreWave production. If you are interested in a poster of this Juxtaposition let us know here at CoreWave. We are thinking about making some available.

  • Move 17: Mantra
    ... resides in its digital entirety within our Glass Bead Game. This is a CoreWave production. If you are interested in a poster of this Believertisement let us know here at CoreWave. We are thinking about making some available.

  • Move 18: Air
    ...resides in its digital entirety within our Glass Bead Game. This is a CoreWave production. If you are interested in a poster of this Believertisement let us know here at CoreWave. We are thinking about making some available.

  • Move 19: X Men
    Rory Adams recommended a Graphics and Sounds link page at An excellenct site with links to all things X Men. X Men comics are available.... well everywhere.

  • Move 20: Pisces at the Beach
    is an image described by Jan Kinney and the description resides in its entirety within our Glass Bead Game.

  • Move 21: THX-1138
    There are two great THX--1138 web pages. One smaller one currenlty has info about a TV mini-series and other interesting facts. The larger one is called The Unofficial THX-1138 Home Page and it has tones of pictures, sound clips, links and other useful information. The video of the film is commerically available and can be special ordered by most video stores if they don't stock it.

  • Move 22: Tommy
    Gail included in her post a link to The Hyperlink Who. It is a fan page with lyrics, photos and more. The most extensive list of links on the who must be Chris's Who Links. Tommy is available on CD. The Broadway Musical is on tour and there is an original cast recording of the musical. Also there is a new interactive CD Rom called Pete Townshend Presents Tommy.

  • Move 23: Dune
    This move by Polara was originally created on her own Glass Bead Game web site and was submitted as a move to the CoreWave Game by email. The original Dune page has links to related poetry, her FutrTools and ideas about time travel, dream space and more. The original page also plays off of the idea of what is inside and outside between the two Games. The book was first published by Ace books - 1965 and is still in print. Dune, the movie, was a Universal Release - 1984 De Laurentis Corporation. It is still available on video in a letterbox edition as well. Extensive Dune resources and information can be found at Usul's Homepage, The World of Dune, and Hacker's Arrakis.

  • Move 24: Alchemical Gold
    Narada writes: The articles on the web that I refer to are mostly transcripts of video presentations by David Hudson, and are a couple of years old. He was planning to set up facilities for mass producing WPG and wanted to make it available to all who understood what it is and desired to use it. He is apparently having adventures with the 'authorities' and there is no word as to the current state of affairs that I can discover. The transcripts are here and here (5 Lectures from Videos). There is a very well presented web site dedicated to WPG, with info about alchemy and a moderated discussion group , etc, called The WhiteGold Web. Here is a link to the The WhiteGold Web Library [....] Lest we be too quick to believe all that is claimed for WPG, there is an article at Phoenix Newtimes that tells how a woman that David Hudson mentions, took the powder intravenously in the late stages of her battle with AIDS and died soon after of infections from the non-sterile "dirty gray powder".

  • Move 25: Earth
    Earth is a science fiction novel by David Brin. It was published by Bantam Spectra books in 1990. A good list of David's work with links is available at David Brin. A very interesting essay by David is available at "The Good and the Bad: Outlines of Tomorrow."

  • Move 26: Fool's Egg
    Find a pack you love at any good bookshop. Also check out these URLs. "Learning the Tarot- an On-Line Course" (Free!) The Voyager tarot, one of my favorite decks. The Tarot Card history quoted in this move. For a free online Tarot reading go to The Facade Tarot Site. Just pick a deck and ask your question.

  • Move 27: The Human Condition
    Gretchen recommends "Magritte - Ideas and Images" by Harry Torczyner. A great web site with information on all things Magritte is available at The Fine Site.

  • Move 28: Madness
    Narada recommends The Pink Floyd Archives. An amazing book on Storm Thorgerson and the images of Pink Floyd is available at Mind Over Matter. There is a good site on Syd Barret called Dolly Rocker. A very complete site called The Most Complete Pink Floyd Page is excellent. For a Floyd fix any time of the day or night go to Floyd Radio. All the Dark Side of the Moon lyrics from an extensive site called Set the Controls. Maybe you've noticed the Game Master for Game One digs Pink Floyd. If you are interested in trading rarities, I suggest you contact me or my buddy Ron Fleicher in Chicago. Use my email

  • Move 29: The Symbol of the Cross in the Christian Faith
    I think any fundamentalist Church would be able to provide you with more info on Sarah's idea that the Christian Cross seperates those who are inside the family of God from those who are outside the family of God. I, on the other hand, would suggest renting a copy of The Last Temptation of Christ, but don't bother looking for it at Blockbuster.

  • Move 30: TV is Big Brother
    ... resides in its digital entirety within our Glass Bead Game. This is a CoreWave production. If you are interested in a poster of this Believertisement let us know here at CoreWave. We are thinking about making some available.

  • Move 31: Come Back to Water
    ... resides in its digital entirety within our Glass Bead Game. This is a CoreWave production. If you are interested in a poster of this Believertisement let us know here at CoreWave. We are thinking about making some available.

  • Move 32: No Inside / Outside
    Check out the web site for The Hypersphere model. Arthur Block the creator of The Hypersphere model also produces Thinking Allowed an interview program which features interviews with the world's leading writers, teachers and explorers in the areas of consciousness research, psychology, philosophy, personal and spiritual development, health and healing, intuitive arts and the frontiers of science. You'll find plenty on Inside / Outside themes there. Scott Bodenheimer the creator of the "Kore Austral" painting linked his Artist Statement to his follow up. His web site features many other paintings, a virtual gallery, and other observations about the weaving of art and inside / outside themes.

  • Move 33: The Ether That Binds
    ... is a poem by Aaron Lorenz which resides in its entirety within our Glass Bead Game.

  • Move 34: Migration
    ... is an idea by "John" which resides in its written entirety within our Glass Bead Game.

  • Move 35: Forever Expression / Solitary
    ... are two poems by "Andy" which reside in their written entirety within our Glass Bead Game.

  • Move 36: Synchronicity
    Jung's essay, Synchronicity; An Acausal Connecting Principle, can be ordered from the ISBN number is 0691017948. Also be sure to visit "HipBone Games" to see Charles Cameron's own attempts at playable variants on the Glass Bead Game. A truly excellent site.

  • Move 37: Brainstorm
    The film Brainstorm is available to order on home video. Wired magazine has run two articles on Douglas Trumbull. One is called Total Immersion in issue 1.5. The other is called Trumbull's Vision in issue 5.01. The book "Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art" by Scott McCloud, is amazingly great in my (r.c.c.) opinion. It is published by HarperPerennial and the ISBN number is 0-06-0976259-X and you could order it from amazon. The beautiful paintings of image spheres are by artist Brian Lee Gaskins. He has a great web site that features his paintings and work as a graphic artist for hire. Brain's art is used by permission only. Also check out an amazing article: " Pursuing the virtual reality of Bazin's mythic 'Total Cinema': OMNIMAX, SHOWSCAN, and STEADICAM and the simulation of visual reality" by Gregory Gutenko of the Communications Studies Department at the University of Missouri - Kansas City. For information on Michael Persinger check out a list of his articles at Deb's UFO Research.

  • Move 38: Resistance is Futile
    ... resides in its digital entirety within our Glass Bead Game. This is a CoreWave production. If you are interested in a poster of this Juxtaposition let us know here at CoreWave. We are thinking about making some available.

  • Move 39: Unconditional Love
    An entire web site dedicated to creator of the Blue Dog paintings can be found at The Art of George Rodrigue (Official Blue Dog Site). To read a short essay by Alex Grey and see more pictures from the book Sacred Mirrors check out Transfigurations. The book Sacred Mirrors can be ordered from To find out more about the unpublished manuscript of my desert journal, conact me by email at CoreWave.

  • Move 40: Advaita
    Narada recommends his favorite teacher of Advaita philosophy.

  • Move xx: The Cherotic Revolutionary
    (This move was originally move 14. It was later replaced because "The Cherotic Revolutionary" had no played connections by the end of Game One. Although it is not included in the main "graphical fish" map of Game One, it is included here as an indication of process. Or you could just call it floating "fish food.")

    Frank Moore's Cherotic Revolutionary can be found at Frank Moor's Web of Infinite Possibilities. Copies of the Cherotic Revolutionary can be purchased for $5.00 from Frank Moore, Inter-Relations, PO Box 11445, Berkeley, CA. 94712. Email: FAX: (510) 524-2053

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