Definition of The Symbol
The name of CoreWave's symbol is The Symbol. It symbolizes symbols. Its constant motion is intended to remind us of the flow of change through permanance and permanance through change. It is intended to remind us to never confuse The Symbol with what it symbolizes.

The Story
While trying to come up with a design Robert Carrillo Cohen combined four representations of his lucky number 117 in a circle and connected them with a circle half way to the center to connect all the lines.

After the shape of The Symbol was finalized, Robert began to come across and realize different meanings from the symbol.

The Hopi Indians used the symbol to the left to denote male, and the symbol to the righ to denote female. It appears that the symbol as a whole layers the symbol for male and female together with the center circle connecting the two. In other words a new and different yin / yang symbol.

It also contains the sacred combination of twelve around one. The addition of motion completed The Symbol during the process of creating Glass Bead Game I.

"Icons in motion cannot be idol(s)"
-- Robert Carrillo Cohen

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