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  • April 25, 1997. The first round of changes has taken much longer than anyone anticipated. Many thanks to Charles Cameron and Gail Sullivan for feedback. The only thing left to finish is the formatting for the threaded submission forum. At that point we will send out the press realese and go out to the public, public, public. Praise be. Never discount tomorrow or what's around the next corner. -- r.c.c.

  • January 23, 1997. Game I has begun. We are sending out a press release that will be posted here. It is with great respect and excitement that CoreWave announces the first comprehensive interpretation and application of The Glass Bead Game by Herman Hesse.

    Game I ends January 17th, 1998. Game II begins January 23, 1998. There is a whole year of changes ahead of us. Beside the addition of content throughout the year, work will be ongoing to make the Game as accessible as possible. --r.c.c.

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