Played by: Robert C. Cohen

Indyana Jones: Probably one of greatest archeologists of all time. Skilled in the ancient traditions of all world cultures. He is an expert in navigating all kinds of dangerous terrain, traps, and puzzles to recover icons, idols, and other artifacts of time transcendent value.

The Temple of Scientalogy: Brings to bear a whole new level of obstacles for Professor Jones, namely sacred texts protected by copyright law, lawyers, and big money.

At first it would appear that Indy would be out of his element with this new approach to religion. On further inspection its not that new at all - elements of truth tied to an individual perspective which is then associated with the totality of truth and a cumulative control mechanism for all members. In this case the hidden sacred texts describe alien's in silver suits colonizing the earth and causing us psychic problems.But does that matter to Indy? Hell no. Let's face it. Indy blazes in. Bumps off any of the faithful or hollywood celebrities that get in his way. He dodges lawsuits and the lawyers. He escapes with the sacred texts leaving behind the explosive reminders of his presence.


  • The Bridge

    Relationship to the Core Wave: 
    Indyana Jones found the ark of the covenent, a shiva lingam, and
    the holy grail. I mean come on. Some majorly lasting icons there.Besides he looked really cool through
    it all and kicked
    some major bad guy butt. -- r.c.c. 

    What is scientalogy?

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