TV is Big Brother
Created by: Robert Carrillo Cohen and Erik J. Lundquist
Played by: Robert Carrillo Cohen

Relationship to the Core Wave:
"Does each program appeal to our best or weakest instincts? Does that distinction create other distinctions that unite or seperate us."--r.c.c.


  • Adbusters

    I really flipped the first time I saw the ABC "TV is Good" ads. The first one I saw said, "TV is like a muscle. If you don't use it you loose it." I was disgusted. The layering of manipulation is getting so far into self parody, I can only imagine the whole system of advertising assumptions will collapse soon enough.

    It think it is obvious that TV in and of itself is neither bad or good. Unfortunately, it also seems clear to me that market driven content - of the type exemplified by the ABC ad campaign, and which dominates most mainstream programming - plays to people at their weakest instead of at their best.

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