Big in Japan
Submitted to the Game by: Robert Carrillo Cohen


: Body armor, radioactive energy, breath weapon, super strength, massive size, high intelligence, tail whip, claws, teeth, and charisma.

BUDDHA: Reincarnates, simultaneous manifestations, very calm, has consciousness in such a high connection with the universe that reality is easily altered, high intelligence, super strength, charisma, and big big love.

Buddha seems to have a pretty heavy advantage with the reincarnation angle, but Godzilla's been known to surface again and again after death seemed a certainty. Both are legendary -- in fame and for being misunderstood. Perhaps side by side or working as a team they could become better understood.


  • Fly Fly My Sadness

    Relationship to the Core Wave: 
    "Buddha builds inner truth? Godzilla destroys fictional Tokyo? Do our spiritual or cultural beliefs unite us or seperate us or both?"--r.c.c.

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