Novel and Film
Created by Frank Herbert - book author, David Lynch - screenplay and film director, Brain Eno - main music theme
Played by: Polara

Star Main Quote:
Duke Leto:
Soon they'll begin to fold space.

Paul Atriedes:
Far off in the control rooms of spice gas. Travelling without moving.

Relationship to the Core Wave:
"A universe comes into being when a space is severed or taken apart [?]"
-- G. Spencer-Brown, The Laws of Form (xxix)

"Does space itself have an inside and an outside?" -- From Follow Up by Robert C. Cohen

Game I Core Wave: "The primary distinction between inside and outside."

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  • No Inside / Outside

    Highlight Quotes

    Princess Irulan:
    A beginning is a very delicate time.

    Third Stage Guild Navigator to the Padishah Emperor, Shaddam IV:
    You are transparent. I see many things. I see plans within plans.

    Third Stage Guild Navigator to the Padishah Emperor, Shaddam IV:
    I did not say this. I am not here.

    Reverend Mother to the Fremen on Dune:
    And now . . . the phrophecy. One will come. The voice from the outerworld. Bringing the holy war - Jihad!

    Chani to Paul Atriedes:
    Tell me of your homeworld, Ousel.

    Reverand Mother Gaius Helen Mohiam to Paul Atriedes:
    Do you know of the water of life? The bile from the newborn worms of Arrakis.
    Paul Atriedes: I have heard of it.
    Reverand Mother Gaius Helen Mohiam to Paul Atriedes:
    It is very dangerous. The Bene Gesserit Sisterhood use it to see . . . within.

  • Highlight

    As an avid, nay voracious, reader in my youth, it was curious that I never read the book Dune.

    I missed the movie when it was released in 1984/85, because I was in hospital recovering from the birth of my first son.

    Why then the impact on my life today?

    I believe that as we grow older we absorb knowledge and experience. If an organism is too young, too immature, to absorb an experience, that experience simply floats outside of the organism in an outer universe -- the outerworld.

    When I finally saw the movie I was able to appreciate the finer points of the narrative because my life had begun to resemble events in the movie . . . the experience was internalized --

    pieces of the outside event of the movie
    became part of the inside event of my experiences.

    I saw Dune in 1985 on a 2-part video -- a copy of which I wish I had today.

    -- Polara


    Only much later, did I draw the parallel between Frank Herbert's writing of Dune and Rod Serling's writing of The Twilight Zone. Both used future allegory to critique present-day cultural and political systems which were taboo at the time of their writings. Only today can I draw the connection of the Great Houses of the Landsraad and the Great Houses of Royals during and beyond the First and Second World Wars. The game of who-is-who, what-is-what and where-is-where can be fun if you are a history buff. . .

    . . . but that is another game entirely!
    -- Polara
    Follow Ups
    Polara's original submission to the CoreWave's Game One was created on her own web site and notice of the contribution was sent by email. The original move had audio clips for each of the main and highlite quotes and worked as an audio montage hence the main catagory of listening. The orginal version of the move is still part of Polara's Glass Bead Game site and it can be linked to from the calalog page. It contains many other links to related poetry, her FutrTools and ideas about time travel, dream space and more

    For me Dune (which I never read but I did see the movie) was about the relationship of altered states of consciousness to human development and the fabric of reality. Space (the external world) is folded (and taversed) by the use of a shift in consciousness (which is perhaps the folding and navigation of an inner space microcosm reflected by the outer space macrocosm. -- Robert C. Cohen.

    An earlier contribution by Kate Hammer contained: "'Whereas in the Newtonian world, the historiographic process was conceived in terms of the inside appropriating the outside, now we are faced with a multiplicity of insides and outsides and relationships between them. The questions that begin to emerge concern redoubling of spaces, directions and determinations of inside and outside, and the folding of spaces.' -- Michal Kobialka, theater researcher

    The image of folding spaces describes my experience of the pathways the web makes possible to track, to unpack, to refold so that they seem to disappear.

    Yours in faith/in quest(ion)ing everything Love, Kate"

    Polara responded with the following comment before making her full submission on Dune: "The ULTIMATE in *folding space* technique is in Frank Herbert's Dune -- the books, the movie."

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