Fool's Egg
The tarot card pack, and the western mystery tradition. Life as a journey where the 'Innocent' meets with, and is initiated into knowledge by, the forces personified as the major arcana of the tarot. Ghost written on behalf of the Divine Source, by the group mind of humanity, inspired by the forces of evolution, and the breath of the Eternal. Played by: Narada Danvantari

Fool's Egg Main Quote:
"Ancient "ludi" or "sacred games" had been redifined by the church as frivolity and carnival clownishness, giving rise to the word 'ludicrous'; but the original purpose of their dances, masks, costumes, and processions was to reveal gods to their worshipers. A "pageant" once meant a series of mystical revelations in the sacred drama. Its component paginae became medieval 'pages': movable floats or stages in the mystery play, each showing a tableau of divine persons or symbols." P.5. 'The Secrets of the Tarot' by Barbara G Walker

Relationship to the Core Wave:
Is drawing the distinction between Self and Other, the first knowledge of "inside" and "outside"? How do we developed awareness of distinctions? What is the "Game", and what are the limitations necessary to make it "playable", (such as defining the difference between pieces and boards and rules and players) ? -- Narada Danvantari

Game I Core Wave: "The primary distinction between inside and outside."

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    Highlight Quotes

    "There are no definite answers concerning the origins of the Tarot, only speculation. The Tarot are a pictograph system, a means of displaying information in a visual form. They were intended to teach the students of various "mystery schools," while simultaneously obscuring their metaphysical knowledge from those not part of these "secret societies."
    from Tarot Card History , web site by Lia Wolf-Gentry.

    "The tarot fool carried a bag slung on a staff over his shoulder. It was generally understood that the bag contained symbols of the elements (suits), which appeared in plain sight on the magicians table in the following card."
    P.59. 'The Secrets of the Tarot' by Barbara G Walker

    The Fools Egg, (a tarot card by Narada.):

    Beneath the Goddess' wings
    I hear the bright wheel of my mothers heart
    turning as the serpent coils down between her legs to drink
    from the star egg nestled in her crack
    And then I saw the serpent's tongue
    strike through the atom crackled in her nest
    To the Fool's eye as it first perceived
    Desire in the wonder of being unborn
    From the living chalice into the golden phallus
    In an alchemy of ecstasy and a wild nectar
    Of luminous and lovely hallucinatory dancing
    Filled with laughing dogs and old reptilian minds
    Evolving like the giant ocean songbodies of whales
    And the star flower weeds spun in the depths
    Of nature's amniotic garden

  • Highlight

    I am by no means a scholar of tarot, nor a particularly proficient user of the cards, however, I obtained my first pack 20 years ago now, and an still fascinated by their mysteries. I have learned that not only are they a "quantum uncertainty receiver", (or perhaps "a synchronistic navigation device"), but also a mystery teaching, a story in whose depths can be discovered secrets encoded by many generations of seekers of wisdom.

    "Go ahead, said the Demon,
    weave your magic circle and initiate each other,
    I will not enter into your philosophy.
    Not true, not true, not true, said I,
    for you are the centre of our circle
    and your vision is most wise-
    As every Fool is a Magician,
    and every Demon is an Angel in disguise!"

    -- Narada


    The tarot Fool is traditionally numbered 0, and represents the new born innocence., unaware of distinctions between inside and outside. The Fool's egg represents the moment of conception, or perhaps even the myth of the big bang, however we choose to perceive the ultimate threshold between being and non- being. Archetypes, (and the tarot is nothing if not a gallery of archetypes), are symbols that have meaning for all human beings. They are the shared fundamental experiences of human life, the themes and characters that are used to weave all our experiences. They are similar to Plato's "ideas" that are more real than the shadow substance of temporal "reality".

    In the primary distinction between Self and Other the egg of Zero divides and becomes One and Two. And from this first distinction grow the manifold others, like an infinite tree from an infintesimal seed. Once there is One, then in contrast to nothing-there are Two. When there are Two, then there is also the relation between them, and so there are Three. When there is a relation between the inside and outside, then there is the "inner/outer" and the "outer/inner" implied and so there are Four. Once the concept of "Twoness" has begun it must naturally be repeated to infinity.

    ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: The numbers 0,1,2,and 4, have appeared many times in game 1. The core wave evokes all the yin/yang dualities, and moves such as the Cross, and the Serpinski Seed group of moves have develop the theme of four directions/dimensions. These numbers are also very important in the tarot, 0 and 1 being the Fool and the Magician, and each trump thereafter being a polarity with the one before. The 4 suits being a distinction on different levels of various quaternary systems of analyzing existence.
    Wands Cups Swords Discs
    Fire Water Air Earth
    Human Animal Vegetable Mineral
    Intuitive Emotional Mental Physical
    Old Female Male Young

    -- Narada

    Follow Ups

    Very Castalian, Narada. I see this entry as the flower of the Bead Game, the spirit of Hesse's Chinese Garden from which all our efforts here spring, and to which, perhaps, they all return. The four directions of the cross/four winds/arms of the compass, reorienting themselves endlessly to encompass all. The infinite, still center of the Serpinski Seed generating all.
    -- Connie McLellan

    When I was a kid I would always tell myself that "infinity = zero." This was something for which I may not have had the best phrasing, but I was profoundly sure it represented somthing true. I was thinking more of the zero of the circle and the snake eating its own tale as opposed to the more modern zero which represents "nothing." When you have infinity you've got everything which means you've got the one big totality. The one totality of origin. The one seed from which all life originates and the seed which all of life returns to create. As it is described in Kabbalistic texts: "a fruit tree yeilding fruit which contains the seed of its self." "Infinity" also breaks down to "in-finite" which is interesting because it seems we can only concieve of something beyond the finite "in finite" terms.
    -- Robert C. Cohen

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