The Symbol of the Cross
in the Christian Faith

A Symbol
by Christians
Played by: Sarah

Main Quote:
"In the Christian faith the cross represents the bridge between life and death; the seperation between inside the family of god and outside the family of god."
-- Sarah

Relationship to the Core Wave:
"Are all distinctions mearly human constructs? Are inside and outside only points of view?"
-- From follow up by Robert C. Cohen

Game I Core Wave: "The primary distinction between inside and outside."

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    "...Vaclav Havel evokes critically the mindset of 'someone who subscribes to an ideology and believes that anyone who doesn't subscribe to it must therefore subscribe to another ideology, because he can't imagine anyone's not subscribing to an ideology."
    'The Protean Self', Robert Jay Lifton
    -- from follow up by Connie McClellan

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    (Sarah's entire submission is presented above as the main quote. -- R.C.C. - GM Game One.)


    (A seperate submission by Troy Bugos - added to this move. -- R. C. C. - GM Game One)

    Salvador Dali's "Crucifiction" (or "Corpus Hypercubus") is about the boldest statement concerning inside/outside that I've ever ran across. The idea of sides-- both in and out is visually represented perfectly.

    Note: Christ only 'blocks' one side of the 'doorway' to the afterlife/truth-- that side is of course the one which Mary is looking at. I submitted the piece thinking along the line that we are on the outside; Christ blocks the way to the inside; also, it just went along with the idea of sides.
    -- Troy Bugos

    Yes, Christ "blocks" the center square, but only when looking at it from one angle, side or perspective.
    -- Follow Up to Troy by Robert C. Cohen

    Follow Ups

    -- Follow Up by Robert C. Cohen:
    Only in certain (Christian) faiths does a symbol (like the cross) seperate those inside the family of god from those outside. Symbols certainly are used to distinguish those inside of a particular faith. Members of that faith may believe that only they are inside the family of God.

    I think everything is within "the family of God" or the devine. If God is all (a whole) then everything is within God. Jesus taught that the kingdom of heaven is here now within all things and everyone. There is manifestation and diversity but on another level everything is connected and one. This teaching is the essence of mystical experience. David Bohm illustrated in many of his works, the ways that quantum physics can reveal that there is a universe of distinctions and on another level a universe of unity.

    What happens in the world when different people agree and disagree about what consitites inclusion and exclusion? What does human "opinion" have to do with defining "insides" and "outsides?" Are "insides and outsides" created by our words, symbols, points of view, our marks of distinction? What does human opinion have to do with any sort of (devine) reality? If we are part of the whole then don't our thoughts and actions manifest divinity?"
    -- R.C.

    -- Follow Up by Flan Anderson:
    When examining the symbolisom of the cross, one must not over look it's historical signifigance. As a Roman means of torture and humiliation it takes on additional signifigance as a deturant to anything other than the "modes operendem". In this light, the symbolism of the cross and its Christian heritage may be seen not only as a bridge between life and death, but also as a life affirming commitment to being open to God's will for change.
    -- F.A.

    -- Follow Up to Flan Anderson by Robert C. Cohen:
    As best I can figure it, what you are saying is: From a limited or specific point of view Jesus committed himself to following God's will for change and suffered. But from a larger or different perspective his actions created assention for himself and humanity and therefore is life affirming. (The assignation of "assention" or some other unstated positive is the only way I could see you meaning that crucifixion is life affirming.) Is that accurate? This is very interesting. Following God, or one's bliss, or just trying to make the best choices in life is often tricky and what appears to be negative within one (brief) context is often very different when viewed from a much broader (or more lengthy) context. (Time being one of the biggest factors in seeing full context.) -- R.C.

    -- Follow Up by Basho:
    A connection to Frazier's the Golden Bough: Some of the main themes explored in the book include The Tree (cross) and The Sacrifice of the King as manifest in world mythology. While Frazier does not link this with Christian symbolism, I think that the parallels are obvious. Perhaps the reason that Christian symbolism has deep meaning for indiviuals is that it represents Jungian archetypes in our Psyches.

    Connections to:
    Richard Bach's "Illusions"
    The Who's "Tommy"
    Robert Heinlin's "Stranger in a Strange Land"

    Follow Up by Rose:
    The symbol of the crucifixion is Love. The Love of God for His creations - us - lead by Jesus, who is our Brother, who demonstra ted that we can overcome the body, that this body does not matter even in its extreme assault. That Life like Love, is forever. And this is what we are.

    Follow Up by HAWK:
    Take first the shape of the cross. It stands tall and errect (strength- power, throat chakra). It also extends itself outward (giving-receiving, crown chakra). Symbolic of the cleansed and properly used power centers within each of us. Where does this leave us? Each religeon has had their own form of the cross and each has so many different meanings of said crosses. It affirms all and negates all, depending on the perspective being used at the time. Can one lock it to just one meaning, I think not. May you be blessed in the space that is not a space, and protected in time that is not time... WITH UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, HAWK

    "Substance" - Played by KIn
    Added as a follow up.

    "What are we made of except opinions?"
    -- KIn

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