The Red Line
by Bill Rabinovitch
Played by: Robert Carrillo Cohen
Main Quote:
" I am fundamentally interested in conveying a sense of pain and struggle about life, art and relationships between men and women, tempered with my native ability to find beauty in the ashes."
-- Bill Rabinovitch

Relationship to the Core Wave:
"Are we the most present when we are absent? Can art be created from beyond our inner experience?" -- r.c.c.

Game I Core Wave: "The primary distinction between inside and outside."

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  • Unconditional Love

    Highlight Quotes

    "The warm happy colors I choose often contradict the underlying emotions I wish to convey."

    -- Bill Rabinovitch

  • Highlight

    I first met Bill in an esoteric bookstore in Manhattan. We talked about Fred Wolfe's book The Eagle's Quest which related physics and shamanism. Bill was originally a mechanical engineer and a jet pilot. Bill is prolific. He paints, creates computer animation, and produces a cable access show on art in Manhattan. I went to his studio with my girlfriend and I swear I've never met a more receptive artist. He asked question after question about the impact and our response to dozens of different giant paintings. Occasionally he would stop and instantly make a change to one of the paintings. I was amazed. Artists in my experience are not usually so selfless.

    I like the way Bill uses the word "astonishing" all the time. I sense a definite optimism to Bill and his work. In many but not all of Bill's paintings, Bill seems to have "gone somewhat away" as the painter and as a result incredible spiritual type beings seem to emerge on the canvas from some other place.


    Bill said, "My paintings break away from things as they are, in order to show figures and events in process." I think one of the reasons Bill is so open about his art is that he doesn't contemplate his paintings so much as finished objects but rather as a process that is constantly revealed, even in a finished painting. I'm not talking about process like the splash art of a Jackson Pollock but process as a marriage of linear and non-linear time on the canvas.

    Art critics and dealers haven't given Bill tremendous attention and I think it is because they find something missing in his work. I think what they find missing is any familiar kind of art theory. I think when critics shifted the focus of the art world to art theory that in a sense they took art off the gold standard. The value of a painting for me is not in its relation to some abstract idea or standard. Art like ancient money was valuable because it had some kind of spiritual value. I have seen Bill's painting process open up to spiritual values and the animate results come flowing through on the canvas.

    -- Robert Carrillo Cohen

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