NuSkin International
New model business plan
Blake M. Roney, President and CEO
Played by: Robert Carrillo Cohen
Main Quote:
"The very foundation of this business is that you succeed by helping other people to succeed. You do this by serving others and by improving other people's lives. That is our living."
-- Blake Roney

Relationship to the Core Wave:
"If integrity is an undivided state, then what must be within a business of integrity? If integrity is freedom from moral corruption then what must be outside a business of integrity?" -- r.c.c.

Game I Core Wave: "The primary distinction between inside and outside."

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    " Commitment to integrity gives a company the strength to practice un-altering ethical business practices in the world arena."

        -- NuSkin

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    NuSkin was not the kind of business that I thought would ever interest me. After years of exposure through a friend, I discovered that NuSkin was a new model business. On the surface they are about producing the highest quality personal care products with all of the good ingredients and none of the bad. But what really interested me was that their approach to business really seemed to break new ground in helping people to help themselves or at least it has really helped me.

    By signing up as a distributor, I don't have to sell anything, and usually don't even try too. But now I have affordable health insurance, and have acquired a business support plan that gets me discounts on phone, travel, and other office expenses and lets me take credit card orders for anything at all at a lower interest cost than I could get from any bank.


    The company was a pioneer in network marketing techniques. In a network marketing system if anyone signed up by you or below you does well then you do well. In the past such operations didn't work well. Based on rapid growth and huge sales Nuskin has made the system successful for themselves and numerous distributors. NuSkin's success was investigated many times by the government but the company always came out squeaky clean. Is that perhaps because their stated environmental and health priorities are sincere? In a way NuSkin seems to work for me like an independent contractors union.

    -- Robert Carrillo Cohen

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