Molly E. Holzschlag

Relation to CoreWave
I met Robert at an Internet Exposition in 1996, when I was working as Web Design Director for DesertNet Designs. He was with Evan Goldberg, and the two were working on a documentary. We talked a bit, and then about a month later saw each other at a gathering with Web Evangelist Justin Hall. I was hanging with Robert's high school friend Phil Stevens, and Robert and Evan invited us back to their office. We ended up talking for hours about paradigm shifts and the Web.

Robert and Evan's ideas sparked an interest in some things that I was personally involved in--the Web, of course, and some non-standard notions about what various things the Internet can be used for aside from an electronic billboard. So I got involved in the first wave of people who were looking over CoreWave's concepts, and offered to help provide some of the Internet solutions. My enthusiasm for the growing group of friends that include Robert, Tom Bates fellow Master Players Evan Goldberg and Erik J. Lundquist, along with the site's creative challenges, have kept my optimism for this project ultimately intact.

That, and the fact that I leave for vacation on the 23d. ;)

Personal Bio
I am a multi-faceted artist and technologist with an interest in non-fiction and creative writing, interactive media, new media, music, and the philosophical study of the relationship between art and science. I hold a B.A. in Liberal Arts (technical and creative writing), a Masters in Media Arts, and am about to begin my Ph.D. program in the Humanities, studying the perhaps esoteric notion of whether Cyberspace is a conscious entity.

I have written two books on Web Design and am about to begin a third, I have countless articles on the subject strewn about various magazines, I have a regular column in Web Publisher on the subject, a monthly column in Goldmine Magazine called "Line Noise" that covers music and the 'net. I have one chapbook of poetry called "Looking for God in a Bowl of Fruit" from Stained Glass Press, one album from Kept in the Dark Records, "Mysteries Involving Circles and Rings" and have recorded a CD with Patty Sundberg "Dancing Together" which threatens to be released on Crash Landing Records sometime. Together, Patty and I are known as Courage Sisters. I play guitar (acoustic/electric Guilds and Takamines) and sing, as well as write and arrange songs both alone and together with others.

I share my pleasant Tucson home with a cat named Tara and four unruly fish. I love to read, write, play in the dirt, travel. I have studied the Tarot for almost 10 years, and am currently interested in Ayurvedic healing techniques and organic aromatherapy.

Moves in Play

  • Move 2: The Eternal Body
  • Move 4: Serpinski Seed Egg
  • Move 10: Blue in Green
  • Move 14: The Cherotic Revolutionary

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