Within and Without
Short Story
by Herman Hesse
Played by: Peter Cameron Rowland

Main Quote:
"Nothing is without, nothing is within. You know the religious meaning of this: God is everywhere. He is in the spirit, and also in nature. All is divine, because God is all. Formerly this was called pantheism. Then the philosophic meaning: we are used to divorcing the within from the without in our thinking, but this is not necessary. Our spirit is capable of withdrawing behind the limits we have set for it, into the beyond. Beyond the pair of antitheses of which our world consists a new and different knowledge begins . . .
-- H. Hesse

Relationship to the Core Wave:
"What is the distinction between within and without"
-- P. C. R.

"Is there a primary distinction or connection between the (Glass Bead) Game of connecting, and the dance between Within and Without (and beyond)?" -- Robert C. Cohen from a Follow Up

Game I Core Wave: "The primary distinction between inside and outside."

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Connection Tunnels

  • No Inside / No Outside
  • Advaita

    Highlight Quotes

    Frederick is a no- nonsense kind of guy. "Twice two is four" he used to say. "This I believe; and man must do his thinking on the basis of this truth."

    So he said and so he thought until his friend Erwin gave him the hideous superstitious idol. Seeing it drove him mad, reminding him of the illogic of outmoded magical thinking. When the idol was broken by his maid he felt relieved until he wondered and thought about it until he realized. . ."
    "Yes, now you are within me!"

    ". . .Behold, this is magic: to interchange the without and the within . . . not by compulsion, not in anguish, as you have done it, but freely, voluntarily. Summon up the past, summon the future: both are in you! Until today you have been the slave of the within. Learn to be its master. That is magic."

        -- H. Hesse

  • Highlight

    I understand my own thought processes better as I am irritated and amused by Frederick's torture. In it I see my own mental folly. Just as Frederick has his revelation, so do I, time and again, as I flux from being aware to not.

    -- Peter Cameron Rowland


    What happened before the big bang?

    -- Peter Cameron Rowland

    Follow Ups

    This move would actually have been move 41 but it replaced move 14 because move 14 had no links to other moves by the end of Game One. As with many of the final moves it has a great deal of power and abundant synchronicities. It connects Hesse directly to the core wave, and highlights how many moves have many connections beyond the ones the Game was able to solidify within a set time limit. Three of the most obvious connections are The Glass Bead Game / Move 1, Magic / Move 24, and Madness / Move 28. These beads at least also happen to be nearby connections within the "fish" map. By the way, as an aside, just to mention, 41 and 14, 14 / 41, 41/14, they do reflect each other with reversed digits. For what its worth.
    Robert C. Cohen, GM Game One

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