Serpinski Seed/Egg
Computer Art
by Tom Bates
Played by: Molly E. Holzschlag

Serpinski Seed Main Quote:
"I find this image very evocative in many ways. Seed within egg. Recursion. Mystery as to outcome. The void giving birth . . . The fractal interpenetration of dark and light . . . Its creation is a real meeting of science (math) and art, which is one of my favorite things."
-- Tom Bates

Relationship to the Core Wave:
"What is dark? What is light?" -- m.h.
"Is dark outside of light? Is light outside of dark? -- From Follow Up by Robert C. Cohen

Game I Core Wave: "The primary distinction between inside and outside."

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  • SERPINSKI SEED EGG GROUP: Glass Bead Game, Blade Runner, Brazil, THX-1138

    Highlight Quotes

    "It's also pretty trippy turned "upside down" -- strange alien head in a heart shape."

        -- Tom Bates

  • Highlight

    Looking at the image "right side up," I think of the Shofar--the ram's horn--used by Jews in ritual and remembrance of the power of God. The external shapes make me think of the Shofar, and the internal shape--a musical note.

    The difference clouds create a moody background that holds--almost entraps--energy. It is a dark and intense energy--viewed from behind a geometric veil. Psyche. The cloaked parts of spirit, mind, and emotion that are reachable but only through a predetermined, well-plotted course.

    -- Molly E. Holzschlag


    Follow Ups

    The Serpinski Seed/Egg contains within it infinite possibilities. It sits at the center of the Four Directions, four commentaries on Emergence. The North-South poles mirror each other as do the East-West poles.

    North Pole - The Glass Bead Game represents the Humanities and Creativity.
    South Pole - Brazil represents Technology and Control.
    East Pole - Blade Runner represents Darkness, Chaos, Vitality.
    West Pole - THX1138 represents Light, Order, Sterility.

    -- Connie McClellan

    [See the Connection Tunnel to the EGG GROUP for Connie's details on how these moves are all connected. -r.c.c]

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