by George Lucas
Played by: Adam M. Turner
Main Quote:
"We're all in this together" --Donald Pleasence

Relationship to the Core Wave:
Society brings those who act to action. -- a.m.t.

Game I Core Wave: "The primary distinction between inside and outside."

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    THX-1138 (Robert Duval's character) is being taken off mind numbing drugs by his roommate. He begins to experience the world around him as tangible and real. Time suddenly exists for him. Love suddenly exists for him.


    The very last scene. Any scene where THX-1138 (Robert Duval) and his love 'make it'.

    The scene with Robert Duval Being tortured on a monochrome video screen (recognize it by the charts and the soothing male voices).

    -- Adam M. Turner

    Follow Ups

    I love the movie. The whole movie takes place inside a closed unground environment and for me the action is all about the goal of breaking out and seeing beyond those bounderies. The media and other drugs are mandetory means of keeping the members of the society from any sense of individuality. In this society drug violations are drug evasions. THX's roommate introduces him to the idea of pretending to take their drugs, so they can avoid doing so. Quickly, THX begins to WAKE UP. This of course puts him in conflict with the machine of society which sends out its machine police to punish THX. THX must ultimately find a way out on his own. The film ends with a very powerful image of emergence to see the sun for the first time. A symbol of unity / wholeness which is found by the emergence of the individual within the environment not by its submerssion in an environment of external controls.

    There is also I think a clear connection to Orwells "1984." That would make a good move and connection as well. Also I think there is a good connection to Harlen Ellison's A Boy And His Dog which features an authoritarian right wing controlling middle class which must live underground. -- Robert C. Cohen

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