No Inside / Outside
Created by the Universe, and individuals?
Played by: Danielle Vanier

Hypershere Main Quote:
"There is no distinction between inside and outside"
-- D. Vanier

Relationship to the Core Wave:
"How does our perception of inside / outside effect reality? How does a lack of distinction between inside and outside effect our humanity?"
-- from follow up by Robert C. Cohen

Game I Core Wave: "The primary distinction between inside and outside."

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    Highlight Quotes

    "Fruit tree yielding fruit which contains the seed of itself."
    --from follow up by Robert C. Cohen

  • Highlight

    There is no distinction between outside and inside. Only the distinction that our mind create and believe. Inside would be the jail that we built around us and outside the misconception that we are separated from the universe.
    --Danielle Vanier


    Hypershere - From a follow up by Robert C. Cohen

    "Since the early twentieth century, scientists have used THE HYPERSHERE to describe a universe in which time is the fourth dimension. Today, pysicists say that THE HYPERSHERE is shaped like a torus, or a donut. This shape is the latest physicists' conception of the shape of the universe.

    "The hypershere occurs throughout the natural world! Tornados, magnetic fields and other vortices are all sections of the hypershere. And an apple, an atom, a tree, even a human being all share this same basic topology - a solid with a hole through it."
    --from the box of the Hypersphere model by Arthur Block.
    A hypershere is in motion pulling though itself. Like the swirl you get when you blow into a cloud of smoke. As the whole of the donut constantly flows through its center hole, its outside goes into its inside and its inside goes to its outside. So where or what is inside or outside?
    -- r.c.c.

    "A map on a flat plane requires a maximum of four colors to distinguish all adjacent areas from one another.

    "A map on a hypershere requires a maximum of seven colors. This seven fold principle, which can be found throughout the world of science, art, myth and music, is built into the hypershere, revealing how the number seven is a built-in feature of the universe itself. Why are there seven notes in the musical scale? Seven colors of the rainbow? Seven days of the week? Why has the number seven always held such fascination for mystics and visionaries? Why do so many myths and legends revolve around the number seven?"--from the box of the Hypersphere model by Arthur Block.

    --Hypersphere Follow Up by Robert C. Cohen

    Follow Ups

    Lao-Tzu said that the utility of the jar lies with the not-jar. One aspect structures the other. Hesse wanted his readers to open their minds to the unity of polar opposites: light and dark, male and female, hot and cold. In the West, more often than not, it's either one or the other, winners and losers,God and the Devil, white hats and black hats. This struggle to determine who's let inside, and who's left outside, based upon polar definitions of values, erodes compassion and tolerance. In Ralph Ellison's "Invisible Man", a black man who knows the secret of making the whitest of white paints, shows the protagonist how he does it - by adding a drop of black. Just like the symbol for yin and yang, the quality of inside depends on the essence of what's outside, and vice versa.
    -- Scott Bodenheimer
    [Note: Scott's painting shown here is called "Kore Austral." This scan was included with his follow up. In 1992 he began to dismantle and weave color plates taken from art texts, so each painting is made up of many images within the whole. -r.c.c.]

    Danielle, you use mind as a plural. Cool. I think all distinctions may be created by our minds or at least may be related to "mind" in some way.
    "Inside would be the jail that we built around us and outside the misconception that we are separated from the universe." Yes, I think, that the distinctions very often can be just as you describe them. The borders, from my point of view, are not absolutes, they are fuzzy. A line or border may make a distinction from inside and outside but that border isn't solid. As with our skin, outside flows to inside and inside flows to outside. There are always pores? The distinction between outside and inside is useful but I would agree that it is not an absolute.
    As I originally sat down to make the bead page for this move I thought of making a move for the "core wave" itself and add the debate to that. It appeared to me that although this might work well from the beginning of a Game, Game One has a floating omni - present core wave that stands beyond the distinction of any individual bead.
    -- Robert C. Cohen

    What if there is no outside? See David Lynch's "Lost Highway" and remember -- there's no such thing as a bad coincidence : )?
    -- Kate Hammer

    What if there is _only_ outside?
    Is Deborah Unger's character in [the film] "The Game" really that of an adult Mickey Mouse, leading Michael around the Sadistic Kingdom?
    And who is Goofy? That tall guy?
    --Randy MacDonald

    The only difference between inside and outside is a closed door. Did you ever notice that nature tends to dissolve the doors in life and bring us closer to the outside? Well, maybe that's the point.

    The closed door metaphor you use is very interesting The idea of bounderies and borders, be they closed doors or otherwise, specifically dissolving in a way that brings inside more to outside, rather than the other way around, is a fascinating one, which bears thinking about.
    --Robert C. Cohen

    I am a student in 8th grade at Hopkins Jr High. I believe that god is an idea formed in a persons mind because they need something or some reason to believe in something. It could be because they have hard times, because everyone else is doing it or their parents implemented it in their heads as a child.
    -- Vikas

    God created you and me in His Mind. We are His ideas, being part of His Mind. We were created as His image. We could not have therefore created Him as our image. What He is, we are. He is Love, Joy, and Truth. These we all are. The body is only a channel of all these.

    God in our Thoughts andVice Versa:
    Seems like Rose's idea of God is the opposite of yours Vikas. Rose puts us inside God's thoughts and you put God inside our thoughts. I don't think Rose has any more ground to say she is "right" than you do.
    I offer my own idea on the subject. I tend to think that we are both created by God and creating God. We are inside him and she is inside of us. Like a seed has a tree inside of it and a tree has a seed inside of it. The seed makes the tree and the tree makes the seed. The seed is compact and complete, a unity, a whole universe in one. God is if anything a unity, a whole. The tree is manifest, and therefore on at least one level it is fragmented, and has many branches like humanity. The tree, or humanity, as a whole, work together to create the seed / unity (God) / the whole again. Therefore our ideas about God are as important as God's ideas about us.
    -- Robert C. Cohen

    You are on the right track in my mind. God is a belief among people that powers them to do good things. For instance, when a group of missionaries get together to help the poor in the name of god, god would be responsible for this good event. So it really matters not whether there is a god or not. All different people from different religions help others in the name of their god, so we are really all one religion, are we not?

    Final Submission to Game One:
    Posted by Mohammed on January 16, 1998 at 20:35:13: The Qur'an (Koran) mentions several times that God created everything in pairs.... MAIN QUOTE:"Glory to Allah, who created in pairs all things that the earth produces, as well as their own kind and things of which they have no knowledge"(Qur'an 36:36)

    A commentary explaining this: "All things are in twos: sex in plants and animals, by which one individual is complementary to another; in the subtle forces of nature, Day and Night, positive and negative electricity, forces of attraction and repulsion: and numerous other opposites, each fulfilling its purpose, and contributing to the working of Allah's Universe: and in the moral and spiritual world, Love and Aversion, Mercy and Justice, Striving and Rest, and so on...."
    Abdullah Yusuf Ali

    RELATIONSHIP TO THE CORE WAVE: Perhaps the existence of an inside and outside is part of this dualism in the universe (that I believe in)...and God created the distinction for us to see.
    -- Mohammed

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