The Cherotic Revolutionary
(This move was originally move 14. It was later replaced because "The Cherotic Revolutionary" had no played connections by the end of Game One. Although it is not included in the graphical "fish" map of Game One, it is included here as an indication of process. Or you could call it floating "fish food.")
Underground Print 'Zine
Frank Moore, Publisher
Played by: Molly E. Holzschlag
Main Quote:
"i and this zine are just middlemen, just a pipe. when the art goes through the pipe, that is when the pipe is important" -- Frank Moore, The Cherotic Revolutionary

Relationship to the Core Wave:
"Is the act of art really a magic ritual?" -- m.h.

Game I Core Wave: "The primary distinction between inside and outside."

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"We are really an anarchist, arts, avant-garde, experimental, art, beat, cartoons, community, counter-culture, alternatives, culture, dada, surrealism, erotica, essays, ethics, feminism, fiction, gay, humanism, humor, interview, lesbianism, libertarian, literature(general), magic, non-fiction, philosophy, photography, poetry, prose, psychology, satire, sex, short stories, spiritual zine. Or, a life on the edge zine, for short"

"Bad art is the manure from which good and great art springs. All artists have done some bad art. A large percentage of art could be called bad art. In other words, you cannot have any art without having bad art anymore than you can have any science without having most experimentation be 'failures.'"

"One of the functions of art is to offend, to create tension by revealing hidden aspects of life. "

    -- Frank Moore


The Cherotic Revolutionary is a black-and-white print zine out of Berkeley, California. Its covers are usually collages of surreal sex images, and its content ranges from intelligent essays, impressive photography, spiritual poetry, and political tales of tragedy and triumph.

I came to know Frank Moore on the now-defunct online service known as GEnie--this was some time ago--before the Internet was available on a commercial basis, before the Web existed. We became friends because I managed one of the service's Round Tables and he would continuously place rather outspoken posts that had to be pulled by me due to information that didn't fit the more stringent "Family Values" of a commercial online service. I hated pulling those posts, because Frank always had something interesting to say. Our friendship grew out of the email sent back and forth regarding these posts.

Eventually I did some writing for the Cherotic Revolutionary, which has featured known poets such as Karen Finley, and the infamous performance artist/post-porn modernist Annie Sprinkle, as well as countless yet equally talented and outspoken artists from every medium.

Cherotic Magic is, in its most simple definition, sex magic. But it doesn't mean that fucking is what makes magic per se, it's more about the exploration of the human body as a temple of pleasure and pain, and these experiences are what can bring us to deeper, or greater understanding of the spiritual through the experience of the physical. It's sort of an Occidental Shamanistic Tantra. But only sort of--the important issue is that it ties into the creative, and often co-creative experience, manifest in this case in the form of an exceptional, bizarre, and--to some--offensive zine that puts a variety of issues into the face of people and asks them to think, feel, and make connections in their own way.

-- Molly E. Holzschlag

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